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Love for Art

Tara was born in Surrey, England and as a child would spend hours buried in her coloring books making sure she stayed between the lines. Throughout school fine art was always Tara’s favorite subject and she experimented with numerous mediums including paints, pastels and pencils. However Tara’s favorite medium has always been the graphite pencil. Over the years Tara produced many graphite pencil portraits mostly as gifts for friends and family members. Tara now lives with her husband in upstate New York and has turned her much-loved hobby into a profession, working as a wildlife and pet portrait artist. For years Tara has worked solely in graphite pencil but more recently has been experimenting with colored pencils. With both mediums Tara creates highly detailed drawings and captures the true-likeness through the use of reference photographs. 


Love for Nature

Tara’s love for animals and wildlife has taken her to many countries across the globe. A few of her adventures include safaris in Africa and reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, an expedition to Costa Rica and protecting the nests of sea turtles, volunteering on whale watching boats in the Canary Islands, and achieving her advanced open water diver certificate whilst visiting Egypt and the Red Sea.  Tara’s passion for birds took her to a Waterfowl Sanctuary in North Carolina in 2007 where she met her husband Nick. 

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